About Us

who are we

Everything started with a dreamy idea ... and a vision of its future ... Our goal is to benefit everyone

Karaz is the first online store in the Republic of Sudan that provides all modern elegance requirements for all age groups (children, women, men)

Our Mission: At Karaz, we focus on the uniqueness of our designs and innovation, in addition to maintaining quality standards at reasonable and reasonable prices.

Our Values: Karaz cares about the satisfaction and respect of its customers, in addition to providing unique, renewable and highly innovative designs while maintaining quality standards and providing distinguished service

Our vision: Pioneers in the field of network marketing, to empower society and the economy to thrive in the Republic of Sudan, and further afield

We at (Karaz) receive your opinions and evaluate you for our services and products, as we have provided you with a product return feature, a direct payment feature, and also electronic payment.

We contribute to (Karaz) by providing the finest raw materials and products at competitive prices that suit all categories

We work in (Karaz) to import unique and exclusive products for us only

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